Russian Cuisine Tasted in ‘Summer Day’ in Tirana

Russian Cuisine in Tirana event Albania 2019

‘The Summer Day’ has been celebrated in a different ways in some places in Tirana one of which was the launching of the book entitled “My Grandmother’s Recipes: The Russian Cuisine” on March 14 this year, which was followed by the tasting of traditional Russian food cooked by the staff and students of ‘Neranxi Culinary Institute’. The event- ‘The Day of Russian Cuisine’ – was organized by the Russian Embassy in Tirana in close cooperation with the well-known ‘Neranxi’ Company and the ‘Neranxi Culinary Institute’.

“The business and particularly gastronomy and culinary encourage diplomacies of states to bridge the cultures of people and they go ahead of diplomacy. In this frame the ‘Neranxi’ Company is a step ahead of the others,” said the President of the Company, Nikollaq Neranxi. He thanked the Russian Embassy for cooperating in such an initiative and expressed gratitude to the author of the book Viktoria Ostrovskaja, who had come to Tirana on such an occasion. The book which was translated into Albania by Mrs. Ludmilla Karpushina, the spouse of the Russian Ambassador, was published by the ‘Neranxi’ company.

In his remarks in the event which was attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps, members of the Albanian-Russian Friendship Association, Russian expats, journalists and the staff of the company the Russian Ambassador, Alexander Karpushin expressed his thanks to ‘Neranxi’ Company which made possible the practical organization of the activity.

“The reasons of the organization of this tasty holiday are some, but on top of all is the fact that people in Albania are aware of and like the Russian cuisine, especially the older generation which has had contacts with my country or have studied in Russian universities,” Moscow’s top envoy to Tirana said, adding that there are even young Albanians who have graduated or continue their studies in Russian schools. Speaking of the traditional Russian cuisine, Mr. Karpushin said that it is very rich in variety having also its peculiarities.

The ceremony was followed by the tasting of a great variety of samples of traditional Russian food and beverages. In a comment on the art of cooking the author of the book, Viktoria Ostrovskaja noted that “cooking at home is an exchange of feelings, care and joy, which keep us alive, make us believe in our strengths and go forward. It is the eliksir of youth and longevity.”

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