Cooperation with China strengthens in trade and medicine

Cooperation Albania with China trade medicine 2019

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Bledi Cuci, was on a visit this Wednesday to China where he attended the “17 +1” meeting with other Agriculture Ministers from 17 Central and Eastern European countries, as well as China, which is the initiator of this initiative. During this visit, Minister Cuci had a meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Han Changfu, with whom he discussed the increase of trade cooperation between two countries.

In the focus of the conversation was the launch of China’s export of products of animal origin. The minister took the promise of the Chinese counterpart to push this process forward and within 2019 to sign the Quarantine Protocol for products such as milk, cheese, honey, fish etc. Likewise, the Minister of Agriculture invited his Chinese counterpart to visit Albania. Following the visit to China, Minister Cuci also made a visit to Longwu village, where farmers cultivated the green tea called Dragon. This village was also a tourist attraction for Zhejiang province. In this visit, Cuci was accompanied by Deputy Mayor of Hangzhou, Wang Hong.

“Initiative ‘17 +1’ further enriches bilateral cooperation between Albania and China. Our active participation in this initiative also serves as a factorization in the framework of the political discussions that develop Euro-Atlantic structures in the framework of empowerment and penetration in this area of ​​China. There are also opportunities to apply and attract investment for our projects on energy, road, and rail infrastructure and naturally in the agricultural sector,” said Cuci.

On the other hand, Health Minister Ogerta Manastirliu hosted an official meeting with Chinese Minister of Health, Mr. Ma Xiaowei and the delegation that accompanied him by emphasizing the importance of cooperation between the two countries in the field of health. This led to an expansion of the cooperation between the Albania and the People’s Republic of China, by exchanging experiences of experts from both countries in the areas of healthcare, prevention and control of chronic diseases, rehabilitation medicine, etc.

“It’s a step forward that we are working together to live Action Plan 2018-2020 in the field of health between our two countries, which serves the exchange of experience and improvement of health systems, the acquisition of experiences and best practices,” said Minister Manastirliu.

Presenting the achievements so far in the field of health, Manastirliu stressed the importance of training of professionals health. She said that despite the investments being done, it is very much important to have professionals who update the knowledge, capable of developing the health care system in order to move towards the goals the government has set regarding the quality and standards that should be offered in health care.

While the Chinese Minister of Health, Ma Xiaowei introduced the developments in the health system of the People’s Republic of China, which is focused on supporting hospitals in rural areas by the hospitals large in urban areas. Mr. Xiaowei praised the progress made by the Albanian government to provide access to health care near the residence.

“I am impressed by the achievements so far in Albanian healthcare and I express my commitment to continue the cooperation between the two countries and our two peoples who have a deep friendship,” said Mr. Xiaowei.

The meeting of the two Ministers of Health comes in the framework of the implementation of the Action Plan between our two countries, signed in July 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria, during the “16+1” Summit of Southeast European countries and China. The Action Plan 2018-2020 in the Field of healthcare aims to strengthen cooperation in some areas. More namely, it foresees cooperation in the field of health system, prevention and control of chronic diseases, contagious diseases, rehabilitative medicine, medical examinations near the residence, etc. The exchange of staff, experts, and study groups will be ongoing during the implementation of this action plan. The established cooperation between the health institutions of both countries will be concretized with mid-term training of medical personnel. The Chinese delegation is holding a three-day official visit to Albania, where they will have meetings in the main health institutions in our country with the aim of strengthening the cooperation between our two countries.

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