National Historic Museum hosts “The Belt and Road” Chinese traditional art exhibition

National Historic Museum hosts Chinese traditional art exhibition Tirana 2019 event

The National Historic Museum inaugurated on Monday, Sept. 23, the “Belt and Road” Chinese traditional art exhibition, brought for the public by the Chines Embassy to Tirana.

The exhibition, which stayed open for two days only, was followed by the “Musical Encounters Between two Words” concert, which took place in the UNESCO Hall of the museum.

Attended by art enthusiasts, friends of the Chinese Embassy to Tirana and artists alike, the exhibition displayed a number of intricate Chinese art forms, starting from Chinese calligraphy, to beautiful paper cutting.

Ambassador Zhou Ding expressed gratitude to hold the opening remarks of the exhibition one day before China celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, saying the artwork brought to Albania are some of the most delicate representatives of traditional chinese art.

“As you can see, many of these artworks show the friendship between Albania and China. During these 70 years, with all the changes through time and the systemic and cultural differences, this friendship has been planted in the hearts of our people. Among the authors of these artworks are older and middle generation artists, but also young highschool students, which is a happy and encouraging fact, as it means this friendship is being passed to the next generation,” Ambassador Ding said.

Adding that Albanian and Chinese art share the same features of openness and inclusiveness which brings them close to each other naturally, the ambassador said the exhibition serves to connect the hearts of both people and invited all guests to enjoy.

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