Rare fungi growing in Albania valued at 3000 euros per kilogram

Rare fungi grow in Albania

A similar fungus to the French truffle has been discovered in Albania with a value of 3,000 euros per kilogram. Moreover, this type of truffle is quoted within the stock market with prices ranging from 300 to 1000 euros.

Otherwise known as white truffles, these fungi grow in the roots of oak, lime, pine and willow trees. They are commonly found on sandy soil and have no roots, branches or leaves. Their shape is similar to the tubers of potatoes, but more irregular due to their rich nutrients.

Black truffles are also found in Albanian forests, more commonly so, and valued at a price of up to 350 euros.

What makes this tuber- like shaped species so appealing is its ability to absorb minerals from tree roots and take its form based on the ground and tree roots in which they reside.

The bigger their tuber, the higher the price.

Another characteristic which makes them valuable is the fact that they take in the scent of each tree, with the most valued scent being that of the oak tree.

Fungi grown among chestnut trees in the area of Rec in Malësi e Madhe are in high demand as well as they are frequently exported in France.


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