Tirana Marathon 2019

Tirana Marathon October 2019

The 2019 Tirana Marathon comes this year with its 4th edition and we can certainly already call it the biggest sporting event in the city. This is also demonstrated by the participation of 2,500 runners from many different countries around the world. Increasing the number of participants over the years is a good indication that this race has become a favorite for the citizens of Tirana and beyond. The 4th edition of this event which has now become a tradition is organized with the approval of two routes approved by the World Athletics Federation giving the seriousness of an international activity and with the support of the Albanian Athletics Federation.

The race will be held on October 13 and will have 3 categories; Half Marathon (21, 0975 km), Tirana 10K and “We too” this category is meant to be more motivational than competitive. There will also be a Fun Run competition which will take place the day before the big race on October 12, 2019 with the youth of Tirana High School. With the Fun Run project, we strive to educate generations through sports to be confident and confident on their way to achieving their goals, and this will also be a good way to encourage them to engage in sports. and start preparing to compete after a few years at the Tirana Marathon.

The prizes for the winners will be numerous, turning the race into a challenge!


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