Russian Cuisine in Tirana event Albania 2019

Russian Cuisine Tasted in ‘Summer Day’ in Tirana

‘The Summer Day’ has been celebrated in a different ways in some places in Tirana one of which was the launching of the book entitled “My Grandmother’s Recipes: The Russian Cuisine” on March 14 this year, which was followed by the tasting of traditional Russian food cooked by the staff and students of ‘Neranxi Culinary Institute’. The event- ‘The Day of Russian Cuisine’ – was organized by the Russian Embassy in Tirana.

build city Tirana Albania’s capital

Build it and they will come’: Tirana’s plan for a ‘kaleidoscope metropolis

The first years of post-dictatorship freedom produced a disorderly, car-choked city. Can the Albanian capital’s slick young mayor create a future of ‘exemplary urban design’?If you stand in the middle of Tirana’s vast Skanderbeg Square and turn 360 degrees, you will see Italian fascist architecture, buildings in the Russian and Chinese communist style, a mosque and the bleak carcass of the unfinished Archea tower.

food experience Albanian Riviera

Five foodie experiences on Albanian Riviera

The Albanian Riviera. One of Europe’s best-kept secrets – unless you’re Italian, in which case you’ve probably been enjoying the azure waters and cheap-as-chips seafood for years. Cheap, fresh and locally sourced, the cuisine here is simple and reflects both the Mediterranean location and the austere years of communism.

Kala festival in Albania event 2018

Kala festival, Albania: party time in what feels like a paradise

A new arrival on the festival circuit, Albania is tempting younger holidaymakers to dance on its beaches and explore beyond its pristine shores. Kala – a week-long festival held in June at the upmarket resort town of Dhërmi – could cement Albania’s reputation as an exciting new beach and party destination, in the same way that Outlook and Dimensions put Croatia on the map for young Brits.