• Tirana Marathon October 2019

    The 2019 Tirana Marathon comes this year with its 4th edition and we can certainly already call it the biggest sporting event in the city. This is also demonstrated by the participation of 2,500 runners from many different countries around the world.

  • Rare fungi grow in Albania

    A similar fungus to the French truffle has been discovered in Albania with a value of 3,000 euros per kilogram. Moreover, this type of truffle is quoted within the stock market with prices ranging from 300 to 1000 euros.  

  • new banknotes Albania 2019

    The Bank of Albania had a stock of cash, thus it decided to create new cuts for the existing banknotes. But apart from looks the BoA has also updated the security elements in banknotes, to make them more contemporary with the rest of world economies.

  • National Historic Museum hosts Chinese traditional art exhibition Tirana 2019 event

    The National HIstoric Museum inaugurated on Monday, Sept. 23, the “Belt and Road” Chinese traditional art exhibition, brought for the public by the Chines Embassy to Tirana. 

  • Albania what to see

    Hi! I’m Kami, a solo female frugal traveler from Poland! I’m working full time and balancing my job with extensive travels all over the world. I adore discovering off the beaten path places (especially in Central Europe) and exploring alternative spots, street art scene and local cafe culture. As you probably know very well the Balkans is one of my favorite regions in the whole world.

  • road trip around Albania 2019

    Strange, ancient and beautiful, there’s much to discover amid the cultural crossroads of a country that provides a real adventure.

  • Cooperation Albania with China trade medicine 2019

    Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Bledi Cuci, was on a visit this Wednesday to China where he attended the “17 +1” meeting with other Agriculture Ministers from 17 Central and Eastern European countries, as well as China, which is the initiator of this initiative. During this visit, Minister Cuci had a meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Han Changfu, with whom he discussed the increase of trade cooperation between two countries.

  • International museum day Albania May 2019 event

     In the framework of International  Museum Day in May 18, the National History Museum in cooperation with the Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Tourism in the Municipality of Tirana will organize the project “Moving Museum” starting today. An ordinary bus will be turned into an exhibition where students of rural Tirana schools will get acquainted with the history of some of the Albanian cultural heritage sites.

  • Society

    In Albania, the decision taken by the Dutch parliament on Tuesday to demand from the European Commission to suspend Albanians’ visa-free regime for the Netherlands has caused intense domestic debates.

  • Russian Cuisine in Tirana event Albania 2019

    ‘The Summer Day’ has been celebrated in a different ways in some places in Tirana one of which was the launching of the book entitled “My Grandmother’s Recipes: The Russian Cuisine” on March 14 this year, which was followed by the tasting of traditional Russian food cooked by the staff and students of ‘Neranxi Culinary Institute’. The event- ‘The Day of Russian Cuisine’ – was organized by the Russian Embassy in Tirana.

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